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[CLOSED][COMP] Guess the Movies to WIN!

WINNER: Renaldo from the UK – Heading to see Baywatch!


Guess the movie from the image.

Yep – it’s that simple. Enter by commenting below.

First one to guess them all correctly takes home the crown!

The competition will run until a winner is determined.


2 x Movie Tickets!

Head to the movies on us for you + a friend 🙂

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Some are easy, some are hard, and some are in between. Ask your family, ask your friends, or even ask the internet!  

Get your thinking hats on! Here are the movies:

1 –

Hint: Is that even a real octopus?

Hint 2: Turtles are the coolest dudes ever!


2 – Hint: Could you take the jump of faith?

Hint 2: You can only play this sport in the snow.


3 – Hint: Friends become more.

Hint 2: No Best Man? No problem!


4 – Hint: The stock market isn’t all what it seems.

Hint 2: Would you buy company shares to save a man’s life?


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  1. 1 Finding Dory

    2 Assassin’s Creed
    3 Wedding ringer
    4 The wolf of Wall Street

    1. Thanks for entering Ladonna!

      You got the first one right – Finding Dory, but unfortunately the other three were just off the mark.

      Here’s what they were:

      2 – Eddie The Eagle
      3 – I Love You, Man
      4 – Money Monster

      1. Hi Michael!

        Damn you were close – 3/4 correct.

        The only one you just missed was number 2. It was from the ski jumping movie – Eddie the Eagle.

        Good luck next time!

    1. Hi Daniella!

      Thanks for entering the competition.

      Unfortunately, only Finding Dory was correct – here are the other 3:

      2 – Eddie The Eagle
      3 – I Love You, Man
      4 – Money Monster

      Good luck next time!

    1. Hi Eddie!

      Finding Dory is correct!

      Unfortunately 2 is not The Jump, but rather Eddie The Eagle.

    1. Congratulations Renaldo!

      You got them all correct – nice work.

      We’ll be in touch shortly with details about the tickets.

    1. Nice one the first one! Close on the second.

      We’ve added some more hints above!

    1. Smart cookie! Fancy a crack at the other three?

      Anyone else reading – thank this person for helping you out!

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