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MJR Digital Cinemas is a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based movie theater chain serving the Metro Detroit area. The company currently owns and operates 9 theaters with 148 screens as well as a 5-screen theater that shows second-run movies. The MJR ticket prices in most, if not all, of these theaters are as follows:



Children (ages 2-12)$7.50
Adults (ages 13 & up)$10.00
Seniors (ages 55+)$7.50

3D Movies

Children (ages 2-12)$9.50
Adults (ages 13 & up)$12.50
Seniors (ages 55+)$9.50

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The Beginnings of MJR

MJR Digital Cinemas began as MJR Theaters in the early 1980s when the company acquired the Main Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan. Acquisitions of existing theaters and development of new cinemas followed in the subsequent years, such as the Monroe drive-in, the MJR Adrian Cinema, and the Waterford theater in 1990. More recent theaters include the Troy Grand Digital Cinema, which has 16 screens and which opened on 20 June 2014.

These theaters required money for their acquisition and construction, which the company financed in various ways. The company sold a few of its existing theaters, getting bank loans, and allowing third-party investors to bring in the money. One of these investors was the Luna Enterprises.

Are you wondering where the “MJR” comes from? It is actually the acronym of the company’s original slogan, “Movies Just Right”. Today, the slogan is “It’s More Fun at MJR”.

The Locations So Far

MJR Digital Cinemas is located in several towns and cities including:

  • Adrian
  • Chesterfield
  • Brighton
  • Clinton Township
  • Sterling Heights
  • Troy
  • Southgate
  • Westland
  • Waterford Township

These theaters usually have the following facilities, amenities, and services:

  • Studio Bar and Lounge, a full-service bar that offers a wide range of cocktail choices available for customers 21 years old and above.
  • Self-serve kiosks, which allow customers to buy tickets at the kiosks or purchase their tickets online for pick up at these sites
  • Superior theater facilities including large, comfortable cushioned seats with ample legroom; 4K projection and Dolby Atmos surround sound; and air-conditioned environment. In selected locations, you will love the wide leather chairs and plush leather recliners.

A few selected locations also provide amenities for people with sensory difficulties. First, the CaptiView closed captioning devices transmits the dialogue on the big screen to a smaller yet easy-to-read personal screen attached to your seat. Second, the Fidelio device is a descriptive narration and assisted listening system, which the visually and hearing-impaired customers can use.

The bottom line: You have no excuse to skip on an epic movie viewing experience even when you have sensory difficulties. You can still enjoy the witty dialogues, fast action, and crisp sound of new-release blockbusters with your visual or auditory impairments. Your life will be so much enriched for this reason, too.

If you have a busy schedule and you have little time to spare for lining up for tickets, you can also use the reserved seating feature. You will not only get your ticket in advance but you will know exactly where you will be seated during the film screening.

In conclusion, MJR Digital Cinemas strive to provide its target customers with an epic experience that will make them come back for more. You, too, will realize it and come back for more when you buy your first ticket today.

For more information about MJR Cinema, visit their official website.

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