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Keep in mind that the Money Tavern prices area a reflection of the world-class products and services that the movie theater chain offers its customers. As the company’s tagline says – Movies. Meals. Margaritas – says it, your movie viewing experience will be enhanced by the trio of great movies, delicious meals, and refreshing margaritas.  You are spending money for a truly enjoyable time at the movies, not to mention that the prices are relatively reasonable.

Below are latest Movie Tavern prices:



Children (ages 2-12)$6.75
Adults (ages 13 & up)$8.25
Seniors (ages 65+)$7.25
Military Discount $7.25

3D Movies

Additional Experience Charge$3.00

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Full Dine and Movie Experience

The concept behind Movie Tavern is just as its name implies – a combination of a movie theater and a tavern. You can then expect these two aspects in one place:

  • A premium movie viewing experience with all-digital projection coupled with state-of-the-art sound system equipped with microphones and audio-visual capabilities. Real D 3D movies, which are among the most realistic in the industry today, are also shown.  
  • An enjoyable in-theater dining service with gourmet menu items and a full bar, which comprise the meals and margarita aspects. You will also appreciate that your food and drinks are served with quality dinnerware, flatware, and serveware – no cheap plastic spoons, forks, and plates here.  Your choices range from favorite American classics and local favorites to chef-driven appetizers and entrees, as well as from beers to wines and margaritas.  

Of course, a Movie Tavern movie viewing experience will not be complete without the favorite food staples including popcorn, candy, and soft drinks.  

Unlike the movie theaters of yesteryears, Movie Tavern theaters have also become event destinations in their own right. You will find that the theaters have the right accommodations, the right flexibility in arrangements, and the right support staff for your events.

You can book the theater of your choice for events ranging from intimate gatherings to corporate shindigs.  You have the opportunity to take advantage of the chef-driven delicious food and drinks, impressive projection system, and comfortable environment with superior facilities.  

A Choice Between Premier and Original Locations

And because you deserve more choices, you can choose between Movie Tavern’s Original and Premier Locations. In an Original location, you can place your order for the food and drinks and then pay at the lobby’s counter. In a Premier location, you can call your personal server while you are comfortably seated inside the theater and order your refreshments; you can press the call button for this purpose.

The Movie Tavern locations include:

  • Aurora
  • Hulen
  • West 7th Street
  • Providence Town Center
  • Horizon Village
  • Sandy Plains Village
  • Flourtown
  • Northshore
  • Four Seasons Station
  • Brannon Crossing
  • Baton Rouge

Aside from these choices, you can also avail of the company’s reserved seating for selected locations. You also have the choice of special packages in many of these locations including:

  • Breakfast & A Flick, the theater’s early showing of contemporary films that come complete with a full breakfast.
  • Retro Cinema, a package that includes the screening of classic movies.
  • Tavern Arts, a collection of concerts, operas and plays as well as special film presentations

Now that you know these things, you will want to become a Movie Tavern member, too, which comes with its own benefits.

For more information about Movie Tavern, visit their official website.

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