Reading Ticket Prices

You should not read too much into the Reading ticket prices for several reasons. You will find that you will get what you paid for the tickets – a great movie selection, an array of delicious food and drinks, and satisfactory service from the staff, among others. You will, indeed, be willing to pay for the ticket prices several times in a year because you want to enjoy the experience many times over.

And with prices like these, you are in good stead:



Children (under 11)$6.75
Adults (ages 11 & up)$9.75
Seniors (ages 60+)$6.75
Student Discount $7.50
Military Discount $7.50

3D Movies

Children (under 11)$9.75
Adults (ages 11 & up)$11.75
Seniors (ages 60+)$9.75
Student Discount $10.50
Military Discount $10.50

IMAX Movies

Children (under 11))$9.25
Adults (ages 11 & up)$11.25
Seniors (ages 60+)$9.25
Student Discount $10.00
Military Discount $10.00

IMAX 3D Movies

Children (under 11)$11.25
Adults (ages 11 & up)$14.50
Seniors (ages 60+)$11.25
Student Discount $12.00
Military Discount $12.00

To Find Reading Cinema Near You

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Choice Locations

You have so many theaters to choose from under the Reading brand. You can always ask around your neighborhood for the nearest Reading theater, use the online theater locator in the official website, and search the Internet for more information. Your choices include:

  • Reading Cinemas Invercargill is a first-class 5-screen cinema complex. It features ultra-large screens, 2D and Dolby Digital 3D sound systems, and great candy bar deals. Its first release movies are also another reason to come to the cinema complex with your family and friends.
  • Reading Cinemas The Palms is located in Christchurch City. It is the city’s first-class 80screen cinema complex that features wall-to-wall screens and digital sound, first release movies, and luxurious armchairs arranged in stadium-style seating.
  • Reading Cinemas Napier is the city’s first-class 4-screen cinema complex with similar features as the other theater locations.

All of Reading Cinemas offer advanced group bookings for various purposes, such as school outings, family gathers, and corporate events. You must be at least 20 people in your group, which will enable your group to ask for discounted ticket rates. You will find, too, that giving the gift of entertainment is one of the best presents you can give to your family and friends.

If you are a frequent moviegoer, then you should enroll in the Reading Reel Club to get your Reel Club Rewards Card. You will be able to exclusive benefits as a member, such as ticket discounts, free tickets, and free candy bars as well as competition entries, among others. You will be rewarded with points for every dollar that you spend on your tickets, candy bars, and other eligible items.

Lounge Benefits

You can also take your movie viewing experience to another level by visiting the Reading Gold Lounge. This is a fully-licensed lounge bar with a wide selection of delicious food and drinks, which can be delivered to your seat before and during a movie. You must be 18 years old and above to access the lounge for obvious reasons; minors should be accompanied by an adult, such as their parents.

While in the lounge, you can relax while waiting for your movie to start. You can socialize with others, too. When the movie starts, you can stay seated on your luxurious armchair and enjoy the best views of the state-of-the-art screen and auditorium.

Indeed, Reading Cinemas are among the best movie chains in the country. You just have to make a single visit to one of its theaters, watch a movie, and judge for yourself the truth behind this statement.

For more information about Reading Cinemas, visit their official website.

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