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Reel Cinema is a popular multiplex cinemas chain based in the United Kingdom. Currently, it owns 15 cinema complexes scattered all over the country, with the Hull as one of the most frequented sites, being situated in Central Hull’s St Stephens Shopping Centre. With its popularity and high profitability, the chain can afford to offer the most advanced movie experience to its customers at affordable Reel Cinema prices.

Below are latest Reel Cinema prices:



Mon-Fri After 5pm & All Day Sat-Sun

Adult £6.60
Student £5.60
Child / Senior£4.95
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£4.95
Family Group 4£14.85
Family Group 3£19.80

Mon-Fri Before 5pm except Bank holidays

Adult £5.60
Student £4.75
Child / Senior£4.20
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£4.20
Family Group 4£12.60
Family Group 3£16.80

3D Movies

Mon-Fri After 5pm & All Day Sat-Sun

Adult £8.55
Student £7.25
Child / Senior£6.40
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£6.40
Family Group 4£19.20
Family Group 3£25.60

Mon-Fri Before 5pm except Bank holidays

Adult £7.25
Student £6.15
Child / Senior£5.45
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£5.45
Family Group 4£16.35
Family Group 3£21.80
Alternative Live Content
Concessions £12.50


Adult £10.55
Student £9.55
Child / Senior£8.45

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History of Reel Cinema

The very first Reel Cinema was opened in 2001. Initially named the Curzon Cinema, it was located in the busy Loughborough area. In the following years, cinemas of the chain were established in other towns and cities and added to the newly formed Curzon Leisure Group. The chain finally assumed its current name in 2005.

Loughborough’s Curzon was acquired to become part of a major property development scheme. After an extensive research had been done, it revealed that there is a huge opportunity for the company to develop a complete cinema business. Consequently, the Curzon Leisure Group was created with a mission to provide tailored experiences to a number of specific market sectors that are situated within town centre-like environments. As the Curzon group continued to prosper, it decided to rebrand the company by making Reel Cinemas Ltd. its new name.

Reel Cinema Innovations

As part of impressive Reel Cinema Innovations, the company offers the REEL 3D, which is powered by DOLBY DIGITAL 3D and DOLBY DIGITAL 7.1 Sound, treating every guest with a superior Digital 3D Experience.

Through such an experience, you enjoy the most crystal-clear surround sound and stunningly vivid movie images. Every screen is much bigger and comes with a major cinematic impact. In effect, Reel Cinema takes the digital 3D format to a whole new dimension.

Enjoy 3D viewing like you have never experienced before as you witness every 3D film image that pops out of the Reel Cinemas screen. Be immersed in a unique movie viewing that cannot be done at home – but only at Reel Cinemas.

Why digital cinema? As a major player of the cinema industry, Reel must change along with the changing film technology – from traditional to digital. As a film fan who frequents Reel, you now enjoy the many advancements and innovations that the cinema has made, like films that feature all colours, textures, and details that are captured with optimum digital accuracy. With digital, you are now able to watch films years after their release dates with retained superior quality.

Reel Cinema also makes sure that it only hires highly-skilled, professional employees that will help it to further expand and strengthen its brand.

With its many ongoing innovations, Reel Cinema can rest assured that it can provide its guests with the best movie watching experience at truly low prices.

How Much Do Reel Cinema Tickets Cost?

The average Reel Cinema ticket price is affordable compared with that of many other cinema chains in the country. The theatre chain has introduced advanced formats such as the IMAX and 3D screens for those who want to enjoy superb-quality movie viewing. At the same time, it still maintains its standard screen format to ensure the public an access to low Reel Cinema ticket prices. With these available formats, people can watch a movie according to their available budget.

Reel Cinema theatre prices are further reduced with its available loyalty programme. Apart from such programmes, you can take advantage of other ways to save on Reel movie tickets. For instance, students, kids, and seniors are given substantial discounts off ticket prices, which range from 15% to 25%. There is also the saver prices promo that gives 15% discounts on standard ticket prices if you watch a movie before 5 PM.

If you want to be sure about the specific Reel Cinema ticket prices in your local Reel theatre, you can always visit its official website. Apart from checking movie ticket prices online, you can also buy the tickets and even make seat reservations through its online customer service.


Any bona fide moviegoer not only chooses a cinema for its low-priced tickets, but also because it offers an awesome movie watching experience. Fortunately, there are a number of cinema chains that offer them – one of which is Reel Cinema.

You will surely be amazed with the superior quality of movie screening of Reel Cinema. Only the most vivid scenes and crispiest sounds can be experienced – at reasonable Reel Cinema ticket prices. You will feel right at home with its helpful staff, all of whom are eager to lead you to your seats.

Everything at Reel Cinema is affordable – tickets, drinks, snacks, promotional items. Because of the superb theatre experience that it offers, Reel Cinema is an option you must consider above all others.

For more information about Reel Cinema, visit their official website.

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