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Showcase Cinemas is a chain of theatres owned and operated by National Amusements, Inc., a major player in the motion picture exhibition industry. National Amusement also operates over 850 screens located in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Argentina.

Because of the able stewardship of National Amusements, Showcase and other major cinema brands like Showcase Cinema de Lux and Multiplex enjoy continuous development and profitability, making them three of the most popular names in the cinema market. Showcase, in particular, is now a popular cinema chain that offers the ultimate in movie viewing experience to all its clients at truly low Showcase Cinema prices.

Below are latest Showcase Cinema prices:



Student (ID Required)$6.95

3D Movies

Student (ID Required)$8.95
3D Glasses +$1.50


Student (ID Required)$15.20

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History of Showcase Cinema

Showcase Cinema was established in the United Kingdom in August 1986 as a subsidiary of the one of the most powerful cinema operators in the United States. Showcase Cinemas UK was a brainchild of Michael Redstone, the founder of National Amusements and one of the pioneers of the drive-in movie theatre in the US.

In 1967, Michael’s son Sumner M. Redstone, with the nickname ‘the father of the multiplex’ given to him following his launch of the multiplex cinemas, succeeded his father as the National Amusement’s new president and CEO. Under his leadership, National became the seventh largest exhibitor of the US. Naturally, Showcase also experienced similar success, becoming one of the most popular cinema chains in the UK.

Showcase Cinema Innovations

Sony Digital Cinema 4k

Showcase continues to innovate in order to provide better cinema services to its customers. An important innovation is the Sony Digital Cinema, which offers four times the normal resolution of the traditional HD systems. Consequently, viewers enjoy superior levels of clarity and detail as they watch Showcase movies.

As part of their major cinema innovations and development, Showcase installed Sony Digital Cinema projection systems in its UK locations. This ensures the finest digital cinema transformation for Showcase’s 2D and 3D screen formats. Today, every Showcase Cinema theatre is 100% digital.

RealD 3D

With the RealD 3D featured in Showcase Cinemas, it brings every guest face to face with his favourite movie characters as he experiences a world rich in life and details. With a 3D screening format, he becomes fully involved. All he needs to do is wear a pair of RealD 3D glasses and he becomes immersed in a wonderful viewing experience that he will never forget.


As part of its continuous innovation, Showcase equipped its cinemas with Digital Cinema 4k projection systems. This ensures that its customers will enjoy the ultimate in digital experience.


Still another innovation by Showcase Cinema, which is a must-offer in any major cinema, is the IMAX. This feature affords moviegoers the most immersive movie viewing experience unlike any other. It is actually a mix of major technologies and architecture, all of which are inventions that are uniquely IMAX.

How Much Do Showcase Cinema Tickets Cost?

A top cinema destination of movie goers in the UK is the Showcase Cinema due to its low ticket prices. Showcase theatre prices are reasonable – they are even more affordable than that of many other major cinema chains in the United Kingdom.

The cinema boasts of a number of IMAX and 3D screens for the highly adventurous viewers, while still maintaining its standard screens meant for regular viewing. The availability of these formats affords the customers to watch a movie according to their preference as well as their budget.

Theatre prices are further reduced if one takes advantage of Showcase’s loyalty programmes. For example, if you apply for a Starpass card, you earn points for every ticket purchase. Accumulated points translate to a certain monetary amount that can used as discounts or for purchases of tickets, concessions, and snacks sold at the theatres. Points are also earned when tickets are booked online.

A complete list of Showcase Cinema ticket prices can be found in its official website. It’s best that you check online for specific prices of the tickets of the Showcase theatre in your location. Apart from buying tickets, you can also reserve seats and find out any existing promos and offers through its online customer service.


Showcase Cinema is one of the top choices among movie goers for the simple reason that it delivers superb enjoyment in movie viewing that’s possible. You are treated to the most convenient access to movie watching ever, what with Showcase’s easy online seat reservations and ticket purchases.

Indeed, Showcase Cinemas is second to none when it comes to providing the finest in movie-going experience. It’s the best place to go and watch your favourite movie, whether with your family or friends.

Be totally thrilled and mesmerized as you watch a movie at Showcase Cinema. Wonderful film features, delicious snacks, exhilarating fun, and many other wonderful cinema offerings – you can enjoy all this at truly low Showcase Cinema ticket prices.

For more information about Showcase Cinema, visit their official website.

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