The LEGO Batman Movie’s Got Humor

The LEGO Batman Movie has been anticipated by a lot of kids and kids at heart. Warner Brothers Pictures finally gave in to what many have been looking forward to.

Although this movie is rated PG because there are some rude humor and action scenes which may be too much for the young ones. Chris McKay makes a good director for the movie and makes clips and scenes really fun.

Warner Bros. Animation has released several clips showing Robin played by Michael Cera with the scene when he discovered the Batcave and joining in the heist with the superhero Lego Batman. This movie is just about as good as the original The Lego and some say it just might even be better. 

The partnership of Robin and Batman proves to be more fun and hilarious while at the same time. Boy Wonder is full of happiness. Joker voiced by Zack Galifianakis plays the villain and some critics are skeptical if his voice really would fit well. Other voice talents cast from the movie includes Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, Billy Dee Williams and Jenny Slate and the famous Mariah Carey playing as the Mayor McCaskill.

There are many scenes which viewers would have fun. There are some comedic acts which will prove to make the movie fun to watch and not boring. 

The original Lego movie has made the audience yearning for a second part and now this is another kind of twist from the first one. On the other hand, don’t expect this to be a musical one too.  

Another good thing about this movie is that the film producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord and known to be two of the most adored scriptwriter in Hollywood and they will be able to assist every solution to the problem. 

During the Q&A, they have revealed that there will be a different kind of spinoff which will ramp the anticipation of the viewers, according to one writer “ I can tell you that Lego Batman’s inner life as a frustrated artist will be fully explored…”

Well, only a few sleep more and we will be able to find out about the upcoming Batman Lego. It will be released on February 9 2017 and will be in most theaters nearby you like Studio Movie Grill, Regal, Cineplex and a lot more. Don’t miss out on this movie because the next might come a few years again.

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