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Vue Cinema is one of the United Kingdom’s premier cinema chains, offering the most technologically advanced and 100% digital multiplex screens. It boasts of stadium-seated screens, 3D screens, and ultra-comfortable and ergonomic seats for the most spectacular viewing experience. The theatre offers its guests the most vivid movie scenes coupled with ultra Hi-Fi sounds – desirable cinematic qualities that cannot be found in many other chains. Best of all, these superior movie features can be enjoyed at truly low Vue Cinema prices.

Below are latest Vue Cinema ticket prices:



Standard Seating

Senior £6.29
All Inclusive Family£35.80
Family X4£25.16

VIP Seating

All Inclusive Family£41.96
Family X4£27.96

3D Movies

Standard Seating

Senior £6.59
All Inclusive Family£40.36
Family X4£26.36
3D Glasses+£1.00

VIP Seating

All Inclusive Family£48.36
Family X4£34.36


Regular Seating

Senior £11.99
All Inclusive Family£55.20
Family X4£39.16

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History of Vue Cinema

Since its opening in May of 2003, Vue Cinema is in a continuous process of building a fine reputation that makes it the envy of other cinema operators.  Today, it is touted as a major player in the cinema industry, being a developer of advanced multiplex cinemas.

In 2012, it acquired Apollo Cinemas and took over the operation of CinemaxX in Denmark and Germany. In 2013, it became the owner of Multikino cinemas, with locations in Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia. And just last year, it gained ownership of the Space Cinemas in Italy.

Vue Cinema Group operates a total of 1,741 screens installed in its 187 high-tech multiplex cinema sites in 9 different countries from Europe and Asia, namely the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Taiwan, and Italy.

Today, the chain operates a number of cinemas across the United Kingdom, with some 60 percent of the population within or near a location with a Vue Cinema. It possesses a stable representation in the colourful and vibrant movie market within the Irish capital city of Dublin.  Overall, Vue holds the distinction of being a top-grossing cinema in the United Kingdom.

Vue Cinema Innovations

The company has the most modern state-of-the-art multiplex cinema circuit in the UK with 95% of its seats in stadium-seated screens, the highest in the market when compared with other major multiplex operators. Vue has set new standards in terms of comfort with its introduction of premium seats, which it implemented during a chain-wide roll of around 12,000 luxurious VIP seats.

Of Vue’s 755 theatre screens, many are equipped with the advanced Sony 4K Digital projection systems. Most are now able to show 3D films. Vue at Cheshire Oaks West End were the first two cinemas in the whole of Europe to feature a 3D-formatted movie in February of 2006. In 2008, the company featured Keane live in 3D, the very first live music event shown in 3D cinema.

In addition to new site openings, the company’s growth included a number of significant acquisitions over the years totalling 23 cinemas from companies including Apollo, Hoyts, Village Roadshow, Ster Century and Cinemark. In these sites, the company invested in improvements on both infrastructure and offerings.

How Much Do Vue Cinema Tickets Cost?

Vue Cinema attracts many people to its theatres simply because the average Vue Cinema ticket price is low, compared with that of other top cinemas in the UK. While it has upgraded a number of its screens to 3D, it still operates its regular screens to ensure that people can watch a movie at Vue whatever their budget might be.

Avid movie goers have many ways to save while enjoying their favourite movies at Vue Cinema. For instance, the chain offers a significant savings of 60% via its special All-inclusive Family Package that consists of low-priced tickets, drinks, and snacks.

Vue Cinema is also a participant of the Meerkat Movie promotions, a rewards programme that offers customers 2-for-1 movie tickets during Tuesdays or Wednesdays. You only need to buy any participating product at the website and you can enjoy the benefits from the promotion for one whole year.

If you want to know the specific cinema ticket prices in your locality, you are advised to check the pricelist in its official website. Apart from getting details on ticket prices, viewing schedules, and ongoing promotions, you can also log on to Vue’s website to buy tickets and reserve seats through its online customer service.


Unlike other cinemas in UK, Vue Cinema ticket prices are reasonable. Vue is where you can buy tickets for a film screening in 3D format and enjoy VIP seats that come with the most comfortable features, such as comfortable cushion and spacey leg room – all for an affordable price that you might otherwise pay for a decent London meal.

Every Vue Cinema experience is a total enjoyment. Whatever screen format you choose, be assured that the seating areas are wide, promising easy movement in and out of the theatre. Expect a superior quality of vision and sound, as well as a friendly and courteous theatre staff. Opt for Vue Cinema, and you will in for an outstanding cinema experience.

For more information about Vue Cinema, visit their official website.

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